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3 Physical Therapy Facts

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You may need physical therapy for any number of reasons. You may have been referred by your doctor, you may be an athlete or it may be required by your employer. Trained professionals, like those at farmington physical therapy, have experience dealing with an array of ages, conditions and treatments. After an assessment, the medical professional who will oversee your therapy will put together a plan of action.

Here are three physical therapy facts.

What does Physical Therapy Accomplish?

Professionals who treat patients with physical therapy programs aim to restore their patient’s quality of life. Pain is treated in a manner that causes it to subside and not return. Every patient’s ailment, circumstances and condition is different, so a customized plan will be formulated after an initial assessment. Treatment is carried out on agreed upon intervals. Progress is measured, and if adjustments must be made, they will be.

What Conditions Does Physical Therapy Treat?

A physical therapist can treat pain, sprains and injuries. Pain that is a result of age, joint overuse or surgery is assessed. Limitations that may exist due to that pain is taken into consideration. Then, the team of professionals takes into account your goals. As treatment helps pain subside, you may find that you begin to regain your mobility and range of motion. If you hope to return to 100%, it can be set as a benchmark, and the staff will help you get as close to it as possible.

What Treatments are Used?

Based on an assessment, consultation and visual inspection, a physical therapist will determine the treatment that will deliver the best results. If you are a recreational or professional athlete, treatment that addresses your specific needs and goals will be utilized. If you are recovering from surgery that involved a replacement for a hip, for example, the staff will take the circumstances into account. Manual and massage therapy are two methods that may be incorporated.

Helping your body recover from an ailment or relieving it of pain are two goals trained professionals from farmington physical therapy seek to accomplish.

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