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3 Signs Your Aging Loved One Needs Elder Care

Aging is difficult for many people. Senior citizens often do not want to admit that they need extra help because they fear losing independence or becoming a burden to their families. If you have an older loved one, you may be wondering when he or she will need additional help. These signs may indicate the need for elder care. 

1. Your Loved One Cannot Keep Up With Finances

If your aging loved one is showing signs of memory loss, he or she may be having trouble keeping up with finances. Shutoff notices, late rent payments, a lack of savings, or falling victim to financial scams are all signs that your love done needs extra help. Elder care providers can assist with paying bills on time, tracking expenses, and preventing your loved one from falling victim to criminals.

2. Your Loved One Cannot Keep Up With the Home

Sometimes as people get older, their mind is fine, but their body makes keeping up with daily chores more difficult. Have you noticed that your loved one’s dishes sit for longer than they used to? Is the floor often unvacuumed? Has the garbage piled up? Maybe the refrigerator has spoiled food in it or you’re noticing other signs of a messy living space. Providing your loved one with an elder care companion means providing him or her with someone who can cook and clean to help ensure safety.

3. Your Loved One Has Been Isolated

Even if your loved one is still physically and mentally adept, he or she could need someone to help with elder care Bethesda MD. Senior citizens often fall into isolation as their friends pass on and their adult children have their own lives to attend to. Isolation can lead to depression, anxiety, or even addiction to cigarettes, alcohol, or prescription drugs. Home health aides can provide needed companionship.

Starting the discussion about providing help to older loved ones is often difficult. However, you can ease the transition by including them in the process of choosing which type of help they need and who they’d like to hire. Together, you can ensure your senior family members have happy and thriving golden years.

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