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3 Things To Remember When Building a Home Near Water

Building a home near the water allows your family to spend all their free time in the sun having fun. From boating to skiing to lounging, your family can build memories of enjoyable times with friends and family. To make sure your home doesn’t have future problems, here are some ideas to remember when building a house near the water.

1. Water Levels

No matter how wonderful the views are, if your property is close to the water, you need to know the groundwater fluctuations over the course of the entire year. Some sandy areas allow water to seep high during wet times of the year, meaning your new home would need to have special subsurface water prevention platforms or jacks to keep it off the wet ground.

2. Ground Types

There are several types of soil that are strong enough to support a home, but the ground close to the water is often built of sand or silt. Have a soil scientist examine the earth to determine if there is a shrinking mineral called smectite in the soil to prevent your home from sinking during wet weather. The scientist can also make recommendations about the land’s mineral content and the absorption ability of the property.

3. Fun Sports

Living near water means having fun under the sun. Make sure you have access to the water for your boat trailer and don’t forget to install the marine boat lifts. It is also essential to have a covered storage area where you can secure your jet skis, boats, and other sports paraphernalia.

If you want to escape the rat race of the suburban jungle, living close to the beach may be the answer. From breath-taking views to the calm of nature, you can enjoy it all when you build a home near the water.

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