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4 Ways to Enjoy Free Time With Your Horse

Not every minute you spend with your horse has to be devoted to training or work. In fact, it’s a good idea to make time in your schedule for some “fun” activities that both of you can enjoy. Here are four ideas to help you get started.

Jump For Pure Joy

If your horse is one of those that simply LOVES to jump over almost anything, set up a few jumps and go through the course for the pure joy of it. Skip any serious jumps like walls or barrels, and instead, put a post across some very low horse jump cups, or even on the ground.  Don’t worry about your form or clearing each one perfectly. Instead, think of this as gym class – you are having fun, socializing, and getting some exercise all at once. 

Take a Trail Ride

You don’t have to head into a park, or even the woods, to take a relaxed trail ride. Maybe you and your horse just want to take a stroll down to the neighbor’s and back. That’s cool too. Just make sure the two of you have a chance to bond over quality time together while taking that fun and relaxed journey. 

Play a Game

While you’re enjoying some downtime with your beloved equine pal, why not play a game? Many horses enjoy specially designed toys, and some of them can do double duty as training aids. If your horse seems hesitant at first, try using a toy that dispenses treats. Food can be a huge motivator for some animals. 

Make It a Spa Day

Seriously, what horse wouldn’t want to spend the afternoon being pampered and groomed? Give your horse a bath if the weather is warm enough, or simply use a dry shampoo and then start brushing. This can help your horse maintain a healthy and beautiful coat no matter the season. Just be prepared. As much as your horse might like getting brushed, he may find the nearest patch of mud and roll once you let him back out. 

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