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5 Great Activities for Your Cape Trip

Whether you’re going to the Cape for a weekend or renting a house for a month, you want to make the most of everything that the area has to offer. Here are five fun things that you can do to enjoy your stay and have an authentic Cape Cod experience.

1. Rent a Fishing Boat

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Cape Cod has always been known for its great fishing. People who are experienced at fishing or just want to give it a try will enjoy heading out on the open sea for a fishing expedition. For a fishing boat rental Barstable MA, rent from a company who has a long tradition of conducting charters in the area and can advise you about all the best places where you’ll be most likely to catch a big one.

2. Tour a Cranberry Bog

The Cape’s cranberry bogs are an amazing and unique place to enjoy the area’s natural beauty. Winding wooden-planked paths can take you through an area where you’ll see amazing plants and animal life.

3. Take a Trip to the Heritage Museums and Gardens

You can see lovely gardens and fascinating museums all in one complex. The Heritage Museums and Gardens is an amazing attraction where you should give yourself at least a couple of hours to take in everything there is to see.

4. Visit Cold Storage Beach

Of all of Cape Cod’s wonderful beaches, Cold Storage Beach in Dennis is certainly one of the most picturesque. It has a lot of depth on the shore during both high tide and low tide, so you won’t be packed in with other people, even during the high season.

5. Get Soft-Serve Ice Cream

Forget frozen yogurt; the favored frozen treat in Cape Cod is authentic soft-serve ice-cream. If you go to an ice-cream parlor in the Cape, your options likely won’t be limited to just chocolate or vanilla.

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