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Common Sports Injuries, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Many people love to play sports as a hobby. However, injuries can happen even to the most careful player. Here are a few of the most common injuries and how to treat them. 


Many athletes can suffer from less serious problems such as sprains and strains, which most often occur through repeated use and stress of one part of the body. The tendons in that area stretch out or get used too much, which then causes pain. Tennis elbow and runner’s knee are examples of this type of injury. More serious injuries, such as dislocations and fractures, happen because of an unfortunate fall or unforeseen blow. Sometimes stress fractures can occur due to problems with the bone and repeated stress on the weakened area. Injuries that result in prolonged pain should be seen by a medical professional.


Some athletes attempt to self-diagnose minor injuries. This can sometimes cause a delay in the healing process if the injury is more severe than it looks. At this point, the athlete may require the help of a medical professional to fully investigate the problem. Often, doctors need to order an MRI or ultrasound of the injury using advanced medical imaging in toms river nj. An internal view of an injury is often a much better way to diagnose a problem rather than guessing or using the wait-and-see approach. 


While some injuries require immobilization and the use of casts and crutches, other injuries can be healed with just rest and heat or ice to soothe the swollen area. A medical professional should be able to provide a full course of treatment that best suits the injury. 

Whether you are a professional or weekend-warrior, many athletes suffer from injuries throughout their careers. The correct diagnosis and treatment can be the difference between getting back out on the field in a few weeks or not for a few months. 

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