Getting the Most from Your Charity Golf Tournament

A fun afternoon on the greens can make for a wonderful time. It’s fresh air, sunshine and healthy competition. Add to that the ability to encourage a worthwhile organization, and you have the makings of an enjoyable, lucrative fundraiser. The mood is set; the environment is soothing. With the right organization and proper educational materials, you can help others learn about a special group, understanding how these plays assist in boosting others lives and well-being. Here are three ways to enhance the experience and contributions.

1. Stress the Significance of the Cause

While you want people to enjoy the round, it’s of utmost importance to emphasize the charity. How will today’s event help others? How will today’s profits be spent? Be prepared to have signs out and informational sheets, discussing statistics and additional data. Encourage those affected to attend, and have them speak before the rounds start or during lunch. Such an emotional and tangible connection could encourage others to donate further, boosting you to your goal. 

2. Have Different Methods of Earning Cash

What’s better than one avenue of cash? What about three or four? Chances are that the play was paid for weeks prior to the big occasion; therefore, capitalize on the chance to get more when they show up. Promote opportunities to support the group, advertising silent auctions and golf tournament raffle prizes. Both of these activities allow for a lively time of visiting and socializing where the patron ends up possibly walking away with something special. Since these earning have often been donated, this is pure profit.

3. Encourage Sponsorship

Companies can benefit from placing ads or competitions. Speak with local businesses, discussing your passion. Perhaps they’ll offer to host a hole-in-one tournament or buy a spot in a brochure. The establishment gets to show outreach to the community; the fundraiser gets extra dollars.

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