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How to Select a Football Helmet?

American football is a game that is incredibly popular and just major in the USA. It is highly competitive and intense. Football requires mobility and physical strength. According to Statista, more than 17 million people played football in the USA in 2017.

The game is so popular, because it’s tailgating, as every game lasts up to 3 hours and significant, becoming an important event. It helps the fans to socialize, when they arrive several hours before the game to grill food, listen to the music and drink alcohol.

Meanwhile, football is rated as the most dangerous sport. It is full contact, and injuries are quite common. During both games and practice, various injuries can occur, causing serious health problems. High school and older players are at a greater risk. Therefore, protective gear is essential for the game. It plays an important role, optimizing the players’ performance and defining their safety.

To eliminate the risk of mental illnesses, helmets are required. These important pieces of protective gear are compulsive at all football levels. They help to minimize the risks and consequences of collisions. Even if helmet-to-helmet collisions happen, they shouldn’t cause severe injuries and long-time damage. If only the helmets are reliable and top-quality. Let’s check how to select them.

Key Helmet Parts

The football gear can be purchased in your local, sporting goods store, or in an online shop. Quite naturally, most customers think that it’s better to see the goods personally, touch and try them on before purchasing. However, it’s not the only opportunity.

An American football helmet consists of several essential parts, such as:

  • face mask;
  • shell;
  • jaw pad;
  • air bladder;
  • chin strap.

The mask is to be made of metal, protecting your face from injuries in the most reliable way. It has to suit your position (for example, of defensive or offensive lineman, interior player), balancing visibility and protection. Generally, not less than 15 facemask styles exist. New ones are advanced, standing out by shock absorbing features that reduce impact force.

The shell is commonly made of hard plastic or carbon fiber, coming with the reliable padding. Helping to cushion the impact of collisions, the padding is to be properly placed to protect the certain body parts. Modern shells are lightweight, but they still are to be strong and durable.

Air systems are essential to facilitate the helmet fitting, preventing the head from knocking around in the football helmet.

Chin strap is to secure the helmet and protecting the player’s chin.

Don’t forget to select a mouthpiece that absorbs vibrations during the game efficiently. It’s important to avoid any dental issues.

Additional Tips to Pick Out a Reliable Football Helmet

Considering purchasing of a protective helmet for playing football:

  • pick out a branded and properly certified gear only;
  • ask a sales associate for an advice;
  • take into account your youth level and position, if you are a beginner or an experienced player;
  • buying a helmet online, measure your head, to select the right size.

However, don’t strive after the price, selecting the most affordable helmets. Focus on quality, strength and reliability, to avoids injuries that can cause various brain disorders later.

Thus, having selected the proper, top-quality and suitable helmet and the other protective gear, start playing professional or amateur football, come out a winner and good luck to you!

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