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Questions That Really Don’t Need To Be Answered

People are curious. If they weren’t, we would likely never advance as a society. There have been some interesting questions that people tried to answer throughout history that led to important discoveries. Questions like, “Does xanolean supreme work?” are logical, but some like, “I wonder what happens when I tie a key to a kite string in a storm?” are simply not a good idea to explore for most people.  Here are some others:

Should I Take My Explosives Instruction Props on the Plane?

The TSA stopped a man as a suspected terrorist at the Indianapolis International Airport. The X-ray found what appeared to be a suicide bomber vest in the luggage. When the agents opened the bag, they found electric matches and other apparent explosive items. As it turns out, the objects were inert and belonged to an explosives instructor on his way to teach a class.

I Wonder What These Traffic Cones Are Blocking?

A man in New Jersey, en route to his father’s house to shovel snow, decided he didn’t have time for a detour. He saw traffic cones and decided that must mean everyone else should take a different route. He made the fatal decision to drive around the blockade, only to end up on top of live electrical wires.

How Great Would a Selfie Be on the Cliff?

Unfortunately, this is a question that many people seem to ask themselves, based on the number of people that die each year on scenic overlooks. More than 260 people worldwide have been killed taking selfies, and many of those have been recently in the Grand Canyon. By all means, take pictures of beautiful landscapes, but don’t ignore the warning signs that are there to save lives. If you see warnings for no climbing, don’t lean on the rail or stay back, observe them.

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