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Streaming March Madness: How to Watch from Anywhere in the World

For some, March is just the third month of the year. For us, it is the ushering in of yet another session of the March Madness.

We are even more expectant of what we will be getting this year. Seeing all the powerhouse teams competing for that Championship title, we don’t have a single doubt that this is going to be one interesting season to watch.

So that you never miss out on any game this season, we have set up a simple guide to help you get through common obstacles.

Speaking of…

What are the common threats to enjoying the March Madness?

Quite a number of them, if you ask us.

For some people, it is the cost of cable TV. If you are one of such peoplewho have kept their cable alive for the purpose of steaming the games, you will agree that it gets even more expensive.

Besides, one of the problems with cable is that you usually have to be within the reach of a TV. In short, the costs and flexibilities – or lack thereof – is a turnoff sometimes.

When that is not an issue, content restriction and geo-blocking will rear its ugly head. This is why fans and enthusiasts of basketball who are travelling/ living in othercountries will usually not get access to the games –or have to wait several hours after the live game is done before they get it too.

All that, and we have not even mentioned the imposed game blackouts that could happen when the games are being played in your locale. Afterall, the promoters will wat to sell most of their tickets off – but at the expense of your inconvenience.

Fortunately, there is a way around these problems now – using a VPN and streaming services together.

Streaming Services to Use

Depending on what networks and games you watch to catch, the below are the most recommended streaming options:

  • YouTube TV – At $40/ month, this platform gives you access to all of ESPN, BTN, CBS, Fox, and the SEC networks. That means you can watch teams in the Big Ten, Big 12, SEC, and ACC play live.

You can even take advantage of the 14-day free trial package to get the best run for your money before financially committing to the other games.

  • Sling TV – This is yet another great pick for those who do not have cable. Starting at $25/ month, SlingTV grants you access to ACC games, Big 12 team action and all college basketball games.

If you add the Pac-12 network for an extra $5, you also get all their games on your streaming devices.

  • DirecTV–If you are looking for no more than the ACC games, DirecTV is a great pick for you. At $40/ month, though, we don’t see why you won’t go for the YouTube TV package instead
  • PlayStation Vue – The Sony streamingplay form will also bring you channels such as ESPN, SEC, Fox and CBS. That grants you access to all the games you could want (except for Big Ten and Pac-12).

While you can take advantage of the free trial too, you will have to start paying $50/ month afterwards.

Combining streaming services with a VPN

You might not see the importance of a VPN to stream March Madness games till you encounter content restrictions or limitations of any kind.

If you are streaming from markets besides the US, a VPN is theonly way you will be allowed to get the games too.

Doing so is as simple as:

  • Purchasing a VPN subscription plan
  • Connecting to a server location in the US
  • Subscribing to a preferred platform for streaming
  • Checking TV schedules to see when your preferred games are due to be played and
  • Tuning in to enjoy the games at the right moment.


As promised, you can now stream the games from anywhere in the world, and you don’t even need to have a cable TV subscription to do so.

Now that you know how to grab all the action, who are you tipping to take home the crown – and why?

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