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    National Stadium 2014

    sports+stadium+seatsAs a football (soccer) fan, I wanted to know which teams have the largest stadiums, so I gathered information from around the globe and made this list of the ten biggest, based on capacity. The 2006 season was a special one for the stadium and the Black Bear football program, as the facility topped a quarter of a million fans (250,000) in attendance since the stadium opened in 1998. The stadium is designed in a novel way that when the gang goes loud it’s nearly inconceivable to listen to anything the football gamers are communicating.

    In 1985, the Miami Dolphins were given the go ahead to dig up an Indian burial ground with the intention to be build the brand new stadium. The changes that befell at DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium for the 1998 soccer season included the addition of a 5,000-seat higher deck on the east facet. The Jets Coaches Membership” seats are located between the 40 yard traces, will offer parking, limitless food and beverage and….discipline entry instantly behind the Jets bench.

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