Mountain Biking

Use These Tips to Buy the Right Mountain E-Bike for You

Mountain biking is a favorite pastime for many. If you have looked into purchasing an electric bike, here are some tips to make this the right purchase for you.

Motor Mount

Electric bikes use a motor to assist the cyclist. They are mounted in the crank and pedal area or in one of the wheels. An electric mountain bike Alberta CA can have sensors that measure and detect pedaling speed and effort. Crank assist motors mounted in the crank and pedal area work well on steep hills, but the hub motors are quieter.

Distance Range

When climbing hills, the distance the bike can handle can make a difference. Choose an e-bike with the range you need on a regular basis for best results. Your weight, speed, assistance level and battery capacity affect the range of the bike. Guess on the average daily use then choose a bike with a higher range as batteries can lose capacity as they age.

Battery Type

The type of battery has an impact on how long the motor operates. When you plan a long ride, the battery life is essential. Expensive bikes may have higher-tech batteries, but most e-bikes have lithium-ion batteries. Most batteries last several years and can last 2 to 6 hours per full charge. Look into the battery manufacturer for more details.

Drive Type

Electric bikes come in two different drive styles. A ‘twist-n-go’ bike gives control to the rider to engage the motor. More often, the ‘pedelec’ version is used which adds motor assistance automatically depending on the rider’s pedaling. Many locations regulate the motor output and some places may require a special driver’s license.

Mountain Climb

An electric bike can make your mountain climb easier on your body. Select one that goes the distance and speed you need with the amount of motor assistance you desire. Then look at price point and reviews to choose the best one for you.

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